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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How mood can affecting us?

of course it affecting us when we start our day wit no mood at all..but the thing is, how can we know we hv no mood? i mean, it can't be measure rite..but we still use tat reason if we face the bad feelings.. as for me,im use of this kind of feelings and usually can hide it from others..i rarely announce whether im not in good mood to talk coz mebi it's my habits to talk..n when i talk to people,my bad mood slowly will gone (yaa of coz take sum times..) but i also hv bad attitude when come to handling my own feelings..i tend to keep quite for a while before sum1 'dare' to ask me sumthing.. if i mad at tat person,i will not answer him/her..if im not mad at tat person who asking me,i'll talk to him/her..i guess it was easy to guess who im mad at!! n tat person shud hv known for looooong time since we're together for many years..

it wasn't easy to handle feeling wit the one u love..hope i can make it!!

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