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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My past 5 years life..

salam to all..ehhehe (cheewah..)

past 6 years i've been introduced to the blog..n during tat time not many of my frens were active blogging..in fact,i just hv 1 follower..i means really hardfan of my blog (hahaha..) after 1 year (plus minus) blogging..dun know y i feel boring..n suddenly STOP blogging for sum unexplainable reasons..

BUT now after 5years without blog.. IM BACK!!! (we dun hv any reasons to decide anything rite??)

so,wat was happend during these 5years (2005-2010)? let explore my previous diaries..ehehhe

  1. I finished my practical training at an audit firm called KHR,Kota Bharu..a wonderful experience as good start in my future..

  2. My 1st interview experience happen when i auditing my client & they called me to interview me!! i went to interview rooms without any CV or cert (but i've sent it before..) and i got that position 1week bf i finished my practical..alhamdullilah..

  3. After 4days 'tanam anggur' i went to start my new day as Account Executive at Sukimi (M) Sdn Bhd, KB (tat was on 8 Jun 08)

  4. My convocation was held on Aug 08 (cant remember the date) when im still "tunang orang" & only 2 people was there to support me-him & my beloved mom!

  5. I'm engaged with Mr Fauzi Yahya on 21st Nov 2007 and we'r not planning any date to get married..

  6. On 5th June 09, we'r married and officially announced as HUSBAND & WIFE!! tats was a sweet moment for both of us after 10 years couple..

  7. After married, we went to pre-honeymoon place at Cameron Highland for 2 days only..aiya..really workaholic la both of us..

  8. Our actual honeymoon maybe in 2010..dun hv the date yet..

  9. My husband's business (Maju Komputer Enterprise) was very well after married (berkat la katakan..) and hv opened new business called Maju Mewah Trading for contract purpose..luckily he hv an understanding & supportive wife beside him..ehhehe

  10. I've become 1 of internal audit for my company..started Oct 2008 we'd audited HQ, and 3 subsidiaries at Shah Alam and Kota Kinabalu..

  11. My 1st experience in flight was terrifying but full of excitement..went by air asia and come back by fire fly (having heavy rain so the plane was shaking all the way..aiyaaa) & also my experience fly to KK was really fun!!

  12. Im also one of internal auditor for ISO,my company applied for ISO for 3companies and we (me & QMR) manage to get certification in only 1month!! so tiring but new experience to us..

  13. Nov 09 after all the audit by Certification Body was done..me & QMR was sent for rm3k course to be certified as ISO auditor. tat exam was sooooo damn hard & two of us with another 8 peoples need to crack our head for 5days so tat we can pass!! aihh..another new experience for me..it's also very valuable moment for me when i saw my certificate as ISO auditor!! at my age-24 i've already hv tat cert!! alhamdullilah..Allah bless me!!

  14. Now im planning to get my Master..but not decide yet where to study since im doing part time study..(if not,who would pay my fee??)

  15. Also planning to be mother soon!! hahahaa..

it's enough i think for my bebelans here..it was sooo many story tat i can tell u guys nonstop..wehehehhe.. conclusion-i've reached my 10years goals when i was 13 years old,and even more than wat i was imagined before.. engaged&married was not im my list!! and also become an auditor..as i actually hate audit lesson when i was at UUM before!!


S.N.Hazlina said...

Welcome back, bini orang! heheh...dari anak dara, ke tunang org, skrg ko dh jd bini org, perkembangan yg bagus, hahahah...Alhamdulillah..

FLS said...

maseh..maseh..tah2 tahun ni aku jadik mak budak lak..camne tuh??