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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, January 30, 2010

am i still childish?

ooo i really hate when people tat i trust not really trust me to do sumthing i capable to do by myself!! of cos i can go to work by myself..of cos i can take care of myself..how can my mom be sooo worry bout me even after im married? how im going to go to work without my hubby bring me..argghh.. it's all happen actually because my hubby were in Kuantan today..he also really worried bout how im gonna reach my office before 9am.. and even my sis also..OMG!! im not child anymore..or even childish to make u guys think tat i cant go on my myself..tats is my top priority why im learning to drive now..coz tats the only reason i felt down with myself sumtime..but of coz im positive person,n not let tat feeling concore me!!

aaaargh..really hate working on saturday!! to neutralize my thinking n feeling..i pretend tat im still laying on bed with Harry Potter book n then after finish reading i'll continue to watch Harry Potter DVD..

still..im hope i can hug by hubby now..so weird get into bed n sleep alone last nite until i realise i actually slept wit laptop n HP book..ahahha


Lina said...

they just concerned about u, my dear..sometimes we need that attention so much especially when u r abroad like me, huhuh!

FLS said...

ya lor..i admit it sumtime i like those attention.. emm..abroad? sounds too far..